2022 Closings:  May 30th, July 4th, September 5th, and November 24th. 
We will be open all other business days including federal holidays.

Services We Offer

Curb Service

You bring the toter to the curb the night before your designating service day for pick up. You may choose from a 64 or 96 gallon toter, Whichever best fits your household needs.

Full Service 

This Service is good for anyone who may have mobility issues. This is also great for the busy household that doesn't want to worry about remembering to bring their toter down to the curb every week. You leave your container where it is, we come empty it and put it back to its original place. You may use your own containers or choose between a 64 or 96 gallon toter of ours.

Dump Trailer Rental 

Need something a little bigger? We also have temporary dump trailers to rent for bigger items, remodeling projects or maybe an entire household clean out. Please check out our dump trailer rental page for more information. 

We offer discounts for our active and retired military

No contracts to start service

You can start service right away or schedule a date in the Future

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Service Area & Days

The Map and Steet lists were provided by the town of Perinton. If you have questions about these please call them at (585) 223-5115 or visit their web page at www.perinton.org.

2022 Trash Quadrant Map

New Service Days by Street

Closings and Billing Days

On the days we are closed for holidays, WE WILL BE RUNNING 1 DAY BEHIND.