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2023 Billing Policy

Your Account

Once You have signed up for service our office manages your account. You may also manage your account on line with our billing provider trashbilling.com at not additional cost. When using this option you can also manage payment preferences such as . If you would like assistance with setting this up, we will be more than happy to assist you. You may also call our office to make a payment or you can send a check to 5051 Fox Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522, made out to B&N Disposal Inc.

Services, Toter Sizes and Allowances

We offer Curbside and Full Service. Curbside is the traditional service where you bring your toter to the curb for pick up. We also offer Full Service, we empty your household trash from your toter or personal can(s) of equivalent size to the 96 or 64 gallon totes, we then place them back where you had them.

96 Gallon Toter Service allowance is two additional 30 gallon bags outside the toter per week. Anything more except on a regular basis will be a $5 per bag charge.

64 Gallon Toter Service No Additional Trash allowed outside the toter.  Additional bags are $5 per bag. Your service charge for the 64 gallon is a low volume rate and  is ONLY for what fits in your toter

You cannot transfer your service to anyone at anytime. If you move and do not cancel service under your name you will be responsible for the bill and any additional fees for that address indefinitely until you do.

Recycling is now included in your service bill. Pursuant to New York State and local County law we are required to offer recycling services. You may choose not to have recycling service with us. However, Pursuant to these laws you cannot throw your recycling in your trash bin. By law we cannot take your trash if you're recycling items are in there. You have the option to sign a contract stating you will not place recycling in your B&N trash receptacle and you plan on disposing of it at an appropriate recycling center. After we have designated your trash receptacle as , your rate will be changed to the  price. Please refer to our "Resources" page for the laws governing solid waste and recycling.

Additional Items - Bulky or Heavy Items. Please call our office to arrange pick up before your service day. For pricing please visit the "Price" Page for costs.

We offer clean up services for decks, pools sheds, garages and basements.  We also offer dump trailer rentals for do it yourself clean up.  Please feel free to call our office between 8:30 am – 4:00 PM,  at 1-800-982-3063 or (315)-597-1100. You may also email us at bandndisposalinc@gmail.com.

Vacation/ Missed Pickups

Our routes and times are constantly changing, please have your trash  and recycling out the night before. If it wasn't out on time and you would like us to come back for it, there is a $20 Return Fee.  After 3 consecutive missed pickups you will be eligible for an account credit.  Please contact the office in advance to suspend service. You will be allowed (2) vacation credit Call ins per calendar year.  Your account will be credited after you have returned and called our office to resume service. If you do not call in advance, you will not receive Credit. If it's a missed pickup due to our error and we cannot come back in the same week, we will issue you a credit.


Only Annually billed customers who have moved out of the service area are eligible for a refund. A new confirmed address outside our service area will be necessary to send the refund to. Quarterly customers will only refunded if they are moving out of the area and they have paid for the next quarter in advance and that quarter has not yet started. A new confirmed address will be necessary to send the refund.

Please be aware, We strive to do our best to remedy all situations but if you still decide to cancel service; We DO NOT refund any customer who quits for any reason, you will need to use the remainder of your service to avoid any monetary loss. If you quit within 24 months of starting service with us for any reason besides moving and would like to return within two years after cancellation, you will need to purchase a toter from us to restart service. 

Billing and Service Suspension

We bill 30 days in advance. Thirty days past the due date on your bill a $10.00 late fee will be assessed to your account. Approximately 30 days past the due date you will receive a red tag on your toter, the following week your service will be suspended, a $5.00 account suspension fee will be charged. Your service will be suspended until your bill is paid in full or other payment arrangements have been made. If you are suspended and you would like us to return to pick up your trash within the same week that your service was interrupted, there is a $20 charge.  We report past due accounts to a credit bureau reporting agency.

We will do our best to notify you in advance, however we reserve the right to change pricing and service at anytime without prior notice.

We cannot take televisions, household appliances, and metal.  also do not take yard debris such as dirt, leaves and wood. If you live in Perinton the town takes it for you. Please DO NOT PUT THIS IN YOUR TOTER.

We appreciate you as our customer.    Thank-You for your business!