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We begin Recycling for our Perinton B&N  Customers on July 5Th!

Trash & Recycle cans

What this Means....

  • The Town of Perinton and "WM" did not renew the recycling contract, which gave Perinton residents a price break on their bill. This was a price break that customers in other towns do not have.
  • Your past bill reflected for trash service only and  has changed to reflect the new charge for recycling. 
  • Our Annual Customers will receive a bill for a half year of recycling.
  • Recycling is a New York State Law.  You cannot place your recycling items in your trash bin.
  • You may choose to take your recycling items to a recycling center at your own cost.
  • You may choose not to have us pick up your recycling but you still must comply with New York State Law by taking it to an appropriate location yourself. 
  • Submit the form below. We will email you a contract for the NON RECYCLE  rate. After we have received it, we will designate your  receptacle as a NON RECYCLE and change your rate.


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Recycling Service

Starting July 5th B&N will be responsible for picking our Perinton residents recycling .

Your recycling be picked up every other week on your normal trash day.

You will continue to use the same Recycling Receptacles.

You will have a sticker placed on your recycling bin or toter. If you own your container one will be given to you for placement on your own receptacle The Sticker you will tell you if are an "A" week or a "B" week.

Please Refer to the Map and the Calendar on our website for more details.

If you are interested in a upgrading to a newer or larger recycling receptacle, we offer for purchase a few options.

Please visit our "Price" Page for more information

Please fill out and submit the form below if you have questions about your recycling.

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