The only days we Do NOT pickup are Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July, Memorial Day and Labor Day.
All other holidays except for inclement weather we will be running as usual.


2019 Billing Policy

We offer billing in two different ways, Quarterly or Annually.

We bill 30 days in advance. Then 30 days until your bill is due. At 30 days past the actual due date (60 days after receiving bill) a late fee of $10.00 will be assessed on your account. Suspension


At 30 days past the due date You will receive a red tag, the following week your service will be suspended, and a $3.50 fee will be charged. Your service will be suspended until your bill is paid in full or other payment arrangements have been made. If you are suspended and you would like us to return to pickup your trash within the same week your service was interrupted, there is an additional $10 charge. We do not send late reminders through the mail.


We only offer Refunds to Annually billed Customers who move. A new confirmed address outside our service will be necessary to send a refund to. Quarterly customers will not be given a refund unless they are moving and have paid a quarter in advance beyond the current quarter. A new confirmed address must be provided to send the refund to.

We DO NOT refund any customer who quits for any reason. Refunds take 6-8 weeks to process.

Vacations/ Missed Pickups

We will only honor vacation credits to your account if it is 2 or more missed pickups. You must inform us a week in advance to suspend service. There is two vacations per year allowance. You will be credited once you have returned and called our office to resume service. We do not issue checks for missed time. Your account will be credited ONLY. If You do not call in advance you will not receive any credit for missed pickups. If it is a missed pickup due to our error we will issue you a credit if we cannot come back in the same week to pickup your trash. Our drivers now take pictures of stops that do not have their trash out on a normal pickup day to avoid any confusion.

Toter Size and Allowances

96-Gallon Toter - 2 bags or containers of equal size are allowed outside the toter on a weekly basis. Anything more than permitted except on occasions of Holidays or special events, there will be a $2 per bag extra charge. Any bags outside a 64-gallon toter is a $2 per bag charge.

Your Account

We offer online bill pay through This is a third party service provider, this account is your responsibility to keep updated. If you want to deselect options like autopay it is your responsibility to do so. You may also call and pay your bill over the phone with our office or send a check to 5051 Fox Rd, Palmyra, NY 14522, made out to B&N Disposal Inc.

Your garbage must be out the night before or before 5 a.m. no exceptions.
If we have to return because it wasn't out, there is a $10 Charge to come back. Routes are Changing as of April 1st, Please be aware.


The Town of Perinton provides your recycling bin and recycling service, it is your responsibility to contact them. If you live in any other town, we provide your recycle bin and recycling service. We have a no sort truck which means it all goes into one truck and everything is dumped at a recycling center and sorted there.

We cannot take televisions, household appliances, and metal. We also cannot take yard debris if you live in Perinton or Fairport. The town will take care of this for you. In Any other town we will take up to 3 bags without a charge.

Additional Services

If you are going to have additional trash, please call our office before your pickup day so we may quote you a price and it will not get left behind. We also offer clean up services for decks, pools sheds, attic, garage and basement clean outs. We also offer dump trailer rentals for do-it-yourself clean ups If you have any additional questions about our billing policies please feel free to call our office between 8am-4:30 PM, Monday-Friday at 1-800-982-3063 or email us at We thank you for your business!

2019 Price List


• Sleeper Couch $35
• Sectional $35
• Living Room set $50
• Couch-(Non Sleeper) $25, Loveseat $15, Living Room Chair (plush) $10, Ottoman $0
• Small Desk or Shelving $0
• Large Desk or Shelving $25


• Single/full with box spring $10
• Queen $15
• King $20


• Toilets- $20 – Town no longer takes
• Any more than the two additional bags per week outside your 96 gallon toter, is $2 per bag. 64 gallon toter customers, all bags outside the toters, $2 . Household trash only, no remodeling material.


• Please call our Office for pricing.


• We will take up to three 30 gallon ( kitchen size trash can) cans filled only ½ full, one time. (No multiple weekly pickups) If you are going to have more please call our office for pricing and a onetime pickup.


• Call for Pricing.


• Okay if it is dried up with Kitty Litter.

We Do Not Take

• Televisions, Washer, Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Hot Water Tanks.
• Metal of any kind

Town of Perinton and Fairport Customers

• No Yard Debris, grass, mulch, dirt, leaves, sticks, etc.
• Do not bag, place at curb and town will grab.