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Family-Owned and Operated Disposal Business

Dump Truck - Waste Management

Toter Service
We provide you with a 96-gallon size toter to put all your trash in, which we'll pick up every week.

Full Service

This is a weekly service in which you use your own trash cans. You would leave the cans at your house or in your garage and we will come up to get them for you. This service is ideal for working individuals, the elderly, and disabled people.

Your Trash must be out the night before or before 5 AM. If we have to return there is a $10 charge. We now take time/dated pictures of regular schedule stops that are not out to avoid any confusion.


Please call for pricing in your area.

Accounts & Fees

Any account 30 days past due will be assessed a $10 late charge.
Any account 60 past due, service will be suspended.
There is a $10 go back fee if trash is not out before 5 AM.

Contact us at 1-800-982-3063 or 315-597-1100 for friendly neighborhood garbage removal services.

2017 Price List 


Regular Couch $20

Loveseat $15

Chair $15

Sleeper Couch $30

Sectional $40

Living Room set $50

Desk or Shelving $10-40 (Depending on size)

Kitchen Table (4 person) $25 (6-8 person) $35


Single/full with box spring $15

Queen $25

King $35


*Carpet- Please call our Office for pricing

Tile- we will take up to three 30 gallon cans filled ½ full, one time.

(Not multiple weekly pick-ups) If you are going to have more please call our office for pricing and a one-time pick-up.


Call for Pricing

Paint If it is dried up with Kitty Litter

We Do Not Take

Televisions, Washer, Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, Hot Water Tanks.

Metal of any kind

Town of Perinton and Fairport Customers-

No Yard Debris, grass, mulch, dirt, leaves, sticks, etc.

*Prices may change without further notification.